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LaTeX Letterizer  v.1.0

LaTeX Letterizer Project is a robust open source PDF document generator application for desktop environments. It uses the dinbrief class written by K.D. Braune and R. Gussmann to produce high quality letters. Visit our enhanced Website  v.1.8 is an intuitive, light-weight and customizable HTML/XML generator in

Portable GUI Ogg/Speex file encoder  v.rc

Portable GUI Ogg/Speex/FLAC audio encoder/player that can encode wave file and provides additional functionality such as audiofile tagging, html-album generator, cd-ripping, etc. Targeted to be used on Freebsd, Linux and win32 platforms and the

Simple PyDoc  v.alpha

A simple program for creating documentation of Python files. Using ANTLR library it creates a HTML document with information about all classes, it's methods, class fields and attributes. Also it creates documentation of all functions in this

Supermod  v.24

This is an online html form generator written in PHP that can be used for creating forms online. You can add and modify html element attributes. On the left is a tree for the order, in the middle a preview, on the right fields for modifying

Web Services Interop Profile Environment  v.0.0.5

Web Services Interoperability Profile Environment is a toolkit for managing and using "service profiles" needed for SOA realisation. Core is an inheritance resolver library, used by a document generator and conformance test suite

Wordpress2html  v.1.0

This python script takes an exported wordpress xml file and outputs a single html document containing all posts in order of entry, and a table of contents broken down by Category. CSS tags added for easy

XBRLiant  v.1.01.beta

XBRLiant is a simple XBRL instance document generator. It is based on the DTS published by the Indian Ministry of Company Affairs (MCA). XBRLiant is licensed under open source and it is the first of this kind to be published as open source in

DynAPI 2  v.1.0

The DynAPI is aimed at being an extensible tool for easy and correct development of dynamic webpages with client-side scripting with focus on the HTML Document Object Model as controlled by ECMA/Javascript.

A-Writer  v.1.0

This is an word processor like microsoft word, or just like in open office or word perfect, you can open and edit word documents, rtf, text and html document right now. It's quit powerful tool that can compare with word or other word processing ...  v.1.0

This is a script which produces an intermediate composite HTML document. The script expects the main html file in the local directory index.html It will concatinate other HTML files in the order they appear in index.html ** ...

Jason's Various Abstractions  v.1.0

This is a collection of source files that I find myself using time and time again. Included is a database abstraction layer which constructs most SQL statements for you (Qt, PHP), a HTML form generator class (PHP).

Luhy  v.1.0

luhy is a HTML-website generator written in lua from plaintext files. It has a custom mark-up language which is easy to use, it also supports: custom variables, a layout engine amongst many features.

Watex  v.1.0

WaTeX is a LaTeX HTML document renderer. Unlike other LaTeX to HTML translators which try to understand TeX, this takes a more high-level approach. You will not be able to convert very complex documents, but it is extensible and produces nice output.

Futures Gateway Educational Tool Suite  v.1.0

Futures Gateway is a not-for-profit educational project for children (primarily ages 8 - 18) and their families. It uses interactive and collaborative activities, especially Wiki and HTML document and media management software, videoconferencing, chat, b

LogReader  v.1.0

Loganalyzer for Windows XP Firewall and Linux Iptables firewall. Generates a nice html document with statistics from all the pakets captured by the firewall. The program is written in Python and has an (optional) graphical interface.

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